In the last two weeks, a lot has happened. We would first like to inform you about all the skills of our committee members. Besides being IT nerds, Killer negotiators, Logistic heroes and Planning Pros, we also discovered we are exceptionally good at karaoke! We don’t like to brag, but with each beer, the quality of the songs ánd the singing got better. As if you had not guessed it yet, we had another team building event with as a result an (embarrassingly enough not to tell you) committee song. It was hard to beat the glow-in-the-dark golfing, but it was definitely equally as fun. While organizing such a big event it is important to keep the positive energy by having a lot of fun together.

Of course, big steps were taken in the organizing process as well. Another meeting with the Advisory board took place and we made progress in the process of getting buses, had interesting discussions about the program and we are making sure everyone is safe during the event. The website includes more information about how to get to Enschede and the core team page is updated as well. Also, a location is found to celebrate European Night. We are already looking forward to this night especially and getting ready to taste all the good food from you all!