Tom(President): “Hello everybody! My name is Tom, the main coordinator of Spring Agora Enschede, and I’m the first member of the core team to introduce myself to you. I’m a student of industrial design and in t he past I’ve been in the board of AEGEE-Enschede, Chairperson of the Agora for two years, and now I’m leading the team that will make the upcoming agora an unforgettable experience. My responsibilities as main organiser are to make sure the whole team stays motivated, everyone sticks to the schedule and all tasks are done. I’m also in charge of the conference part of this Agora, which means I’m in contact with possible speakers. I hope you’ve got an idea of what I do, and I hope to see you all in Enschede in May!”

Derk(Secretary, Incoming & Outcoming Responsible, IT, Visa Responsible): “Heya! I am Derk and this is going to be my attempt to introduce myself to you. I am 23 years old, third-year member of AEGEE-Enschede and the Secretary, Incoming responsible and Visa responsible. And IT responsible. And Outgoing responsible. Yes, those are quite a lot of responsibilities, but I am ready to take them up! I have tricked the committee in taking turns on taking minutes which takes away a lot of work already from me. Aside from that Incoming and Outgoing responsible is close to casually chatting with the network, I will just redirect the hard questions. Jokes aside, 4 functions does not mean 4 times the work, these functions are quite well compatible with each other. We are a very lovely committee and share the work among each other.

I have been chair IT in Agora Chisinau and have just finished my year as a pub board member of Asterion, AEGEE-Enschede’ s own pub. Being done drinking beer, having only 4 functions was obviously not enough of a challenge for me, so I will also be going to the AEGEE-Europe head office in Brussel to annoy the CD with my many attempts at being funny, also I will be doing some IT things there. If you have been paying attention you might notice lots of IT work, and I haven’t even mentioned my study, which is also IT! I have finished my bachelor in computer science at the University of Twente and have decided to pick up some practical experience while making AEGEE a better place. I am a typical dutch person, being 2 meters tall!, and my favorite color is green. Also, I am represented by a I3anana on the internet. If you have any questions about the agora, me, what those cookies are doing on the site or want to experience my lame jokes first hand, be sure to send an email to me!”