Luuk(External Affairs): “Dear AEGEE people, I’m proud to present myself to you as one of the organizers of the Spring Agora Enschede 2017! I’m Luuk, the External Affairs of the core team. I’m 25 years old and after I finished my Bachelor International Business Administration, I started with the Master Business Administration, of which only the thesis is left. After attending the Spring Agora Bergamo, I got so enthusiastic that I wanted to organize an Agora too! The External Affairs position is about everything where we collaborate with partners, lodging, rooms, etcetera.

At AEGEE-Enschede I’ve been involved in several committees and the last years I’m part of the audit committee. Besides AEGEE I contributed to the student life as a board member of my study association, and I’ve been elected as a member of the representative student body to the Board of Directors of the University of Twente for two consecutive years.

I hope you want to change the world, with lots of energy…DARE TO ACT!”

Adrian(Logistics): “Hey everybody! I would like to introduce myself to you: I am Adrian and responsible for Logistics for the Spring Agora Enschede. I am 19 years old and a second year AEGEE member as wel as an second year student at the Saxion University of applied sciences, where I study Commercial Economics. Besides my study I am very active at AEGEE; work in committee’s, organising activities with my fraternity, bartender at our pub Asterion, playing guitar in the AEGEE band and now organising the Spring Agora! As a member of the core team I am responsible for logistics of the event, so I will make sure that everybody and everything is in the right place at the right time. The Agora will be my first experience with an AEGEE-Europe event, and I am very curious but also very excited to see what the Agora has in store for me. I hope to see you all in Enschede this spring!”