####> Visa information

Dear visa participant,
In this email we want to inform you about the visa procedure and initiate the process.

We would like to make you aware of our visa page on our website where the entire process is laid out, we recommend you to read it fully. Additionally, there is a visa section at the FAQ page.

##> First checks
Receiving this email means that you have indicated that you are in need of a visa when applying through zeus. Please let us know if you are not in need of a visa, but also if you know of someone else who is in need of a visa but did not indicate so or did not receive this email. You can find out if you need a visa on our visa page.

##> Visa procedure in short
Taken from our visa page:
To apply for a visa you need to fill in an application form and bring this form along with possible other documents (identification) to a Dutch embassy. We will send you a personal invitation letter to accompany this application and increase the success rate. Applying for such a visa in most cases requires being physically present at the embassy at one point, to verify your identity. After you have done this you will get the result and know whether you can enter the Netherlands or not. Further official information can be found here:

##> Confirming your participation
Confirming your participation of the Agora goes just as for non-visa applicants, with the one difference that you are allowed to choose ‘visa’ as the participant type, giving you a €5,- discount! If you run into problems with your payment be sure to let us know well in time.

##> Visa letter
Attached to this email is a personal invitation letter in .pdf for the Agora, it is very important to check this carefully. You should read it to be aware of its content and especially check if your information in the letter is correct. The letter is made using the data from zeus (from your application) and using a technique called mail merging to place your personal information in a template letter.
Please take special care in checking the following:
The start and end date of the visa (this is when you first enter and leave a schengen country)
The embassy to which the letter is directed
Please check if the address is correctly split over lines (this was very hard for us since we cannot read the address 🙂 )
Your personal information, every field should be identical to what is on your passport.

##> Next step
If you find changes are needed please respond to this email with the new or corrected information no later than tuesday April 11. After this we will send you our final letter through email and through postal services after which it is up to you to complete the visa request.

##> More information
If you are looking for more information have a look at the following sites:

At the very moment of writing the dutch government decided to overhaul the sites of the embassies. This resulted in dead links and missing information, making it very hard for us to find information about the embassies, it is an extreme inconvenience. We ask all of you to take this in consideration and help us with this problem. Because of this, please check if the address of the embassy is correct and maybe try to find information in your local language, let us hope the government fixes this as fast as possible.

##> Questions?
If you have questions please have a look at the FAQ section first, if that does not answer your questions send an email to visa@agoraenschede.org

See you soon!

Derk Snijders,
Visa Responsible Agora Enschede

Spring Agora Enschede 2017
tel: +31 (0)53-4321040
fax: +31 (0)53-4346241