####> Visa letter v2

Hello everybody,

First of I want to say I messed up the subject line of the previous email, sorry for that 🙂
Secondly: The new version of the visa letter is attached.

##> Fixes:
– Leading zeros are now correctly kept.
– Passport issuing date is no longer identical to the expiration date.
– Some embassy address fixes.

Please keep in mind that all of these documents are made using a single template, therefore I was unable to resolve some conflicting feedback (in formatting), this however did not seem to bit of an issue. Please let me know if it is.

##> Payment
We were made aware of some payment issues experienced by you, therefore we have agreed on the following arrangement: If you can provide us with proof of participation (flight tickets would be best for this) you can pay the fee on arrival (€55,-). Thus to confirm your participation please send your proof to visa@agoraenschede.org.

##> Signatures
Finally, I am aware of your requests for adding the signatures to the letter, however I am unable to do this right now. I decided to send this improved version of the visa letter first, and follow up with a more complete version including signatures and official Agora letter paper later.

See you soon!

Derk Snijders,
Visa Responsible Agora Enschede

Spring Agora Enschede 2017
tel: +31 (0)53-4321040
fax: +31 (0)53-4346241