####> Visa letter final version

Hello everybody,
This email contains the final version of the visa letter attached. We will send this tomorrow through postal service to you (unless you indicated you only require a digital version).

##> Delivery duration
You can check the duration of the delivery on the following link:
Unfortunately, I was unable to find this information in English, the following PDF contains the information (accessible through the above link as well)
Please look for your country and check the priority column. If this is not in time for you please contact us as soon as possible to see if we can offer you an extra fast delivery (the extra costs of this will be on you).

##> Payment
If you have already paid the fee, awesome!
If not, the following is for you:
By now the credit card payment option in the webshop is live and working, if you have not yet done so give it a try! (make sure you select visa as participant option!) If that does not work for you please see if you can ask a friend to pay for you. If that is not possible contact us at visa@agoraenschede.org.

##> Check your letter
As always, please check the following:

Attached to this email is a personal invitation letter in .pdf for the Agora, it is very important to check this carefully. You should read it to be aware of its content and especially check if your information in the letter is correct. The letter is made using the data from zeus (from your application) and using a technique called mail merging to place your personal information in a template letter.
Please take special care in checking the following:
#> The start and end date of the visa (this is when you first enter and leave a Schengen country)
#> The embassy to which the letter is directed
#> Please check if the address is correctly split over lines (this was very hard for us since we cannot read the address 🙂 )
#> Your personal information, every field should be identical to what is on your passport.

##> Visa mail log
Finally, especially for the newly included people, you can find a mail log of all the emails send on our website: https://agoraenschede.org/participants/information-mails/visa-mails/
Please read the earlier emails as well, if you have not yet done so.

##> Questions?
If you have questions please have a look at the FAQ section first, if that does not answer your questions send an email to visa@agoraenschede.org

See you soon!

Derk Snijders,
Visa Responsible Agora Enschede

Spring Agora Enschede 2017
tel: +31 (0)53-4321040
fax: +31 (0)53-4346241