####> Dear %FirstName%,
####> We have extended the deadline to confirm your participation until April 26th

Your participation for the Spring Agora Enschede 2017 is not yet confirmed, this can have a number of reasons:

#> You have just recently paid the fee and we still need to process it
> Thank you! you should receive an email about your confirmation soon

#> You have not paid the fee yet
> You have until April 26th to confirm your participation, this is final.

#> You have already contacted us about payment
> If we made arrangements with you, those still hold.

Your participation is only confirmed by paying the fee, without confirming you will not be allowed to participate in the Agora. Confirming your participation is done on our webshop by buying the Agora Fee item. The fee is €50 when in need of a visa, and €55 for non-visa participants. Besides that, there is a €5 deposit included for an Agora drinking cup that can be returned to you if you hand in your cup at the end of the event (see below for more information).

>You have until April the 26th (including) to pay your fee.

##> WEBSHOP <##
We have set up a webshop on our site to make it as easy as possible to pay the fee and even order other products! You can find the webshop on the following page: https://agoraenschede.org/shop. Please read the instructions on that page before buying. During checkout, you are required to enter valid information and agree to our terms and conditions. We have a number of payment options, each with their own additional fee, pay attention to this when making a choice. If you have more questions check out the webshop section of the FAQ page (https://agoraenschede.org/participants/faq/).

We would like to highlight the following items on our webshop:
AGORA FEE – Buy this to pay the agora fee and confirm your participation, you can buy it here:
CREATE AN ACCOUNT – Create a free account for bidding in auctions.
AGORA T-SHIRT – Buy your very own Agora T-Shirt!
AUCTIONS – We have several products which you can bid on in our webshop such as dates with some of the organizers, a food fast lane and a tour of the AEGEE-Enschede office. When the bidding time expires the highest bidder gets the product!

If you were having issues with our payment options: Credit card payment is now fully live and working!
If you still have trouble paying the fee, be sure to contact us.

We received some questions about the Agora cup, so here’s a small clarification:
In order to not waste plastic during the event, we chose to provide a cup to all participants that will be used to serve drinks in. In order to provide this cup, we ask you to pay a deposit of €5, which will be returned to you if you hand in the (undamaged) cup at the end of the event. However, we highly encourage you to keep the cup as a souvenir to remember this Agora by! Besides this, you can keep reusing it instead of using throwaway cups as an easy way to limit your carbon footprint. You can see an image of the cup, along with more information, here:

The €5 for the cup is included with paying the fee in the webshop.

##> VISA <##
Please see the visa mail log if you have questions related to visa.

Once again I want to point you to our email log, where you can easily see all the previously sent emails (especially useful in case you have not received earlier emails!).
You can find the log for normal information emails here:
Additionally, as previously stated, if you have any questions be sure to check our FAQ page before sending an email!
On behalf of the organizing team of the Spring Agora Enschede 2017 – Dare to Act,
Derk Snijders – Incoming responsible

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