It’s been a while since we’ve written a progress update, which is due to the fact that things have been busy around here! Logically, a lot has happened since the last update, let me inform you.

The whole process of applications and confirmations is over now and we can finally order all the important things for you. The cups, the participants’ shirts and other merchandise is being purchased as we speak. Also, the contracts regarding the food are signed and the menu has been picked. The food will be delicious, I can guarantee! All plenary rooms and sleeping facilities are finalized and the hot showers are waiting for you. Also, the keychords and badges are being designed and printed. All the things you have to think of when organizing such an event. The auction in the webshop has been successful and some of the lucky winners won’t have to stand in line for their food. Also, the wake-up music and the dates are going strong! The bidding is still open, so take a look at the webshop for the bidding items if you’re interested.

The whole program and the script are really coming together and the Logistics Committee has been working hard to find helpers and put them in their own developed system. Every time slot, all materials needed, all stakeholders involved, all details are thoroughly thought through. Also, the Social Program Committee has been busy arranging all the fun things for you. They managed to arrange amazing party locations and have typical Dutch games planned, they will make sure you will have the time of your life! It’s great to see the effort of all these people, who all together will make sure the Spring Agora Enschede will be unforgettable for all of you!