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####> This email contains useful information for you to know!

Still feeling hyped? Good! This email contains some answers to questions we have received and other useful information.

Arriving in Enschede is not everything, you will still need to get to the Agora! We have updated our ‘How to get to Enschede’ page to include final directions to the Agora! Check it out at the following link:
On this link, you can find the campus map and detailed addresses of each location, but for your convenience, they are listed here below as well!
General campus address/entrance: Drienerlolaan 5
Gyms: Sportcentrum: De Hems 20
Plenary and sessions: Waaier: Hallenweg 25
Fair: Bastille (atrium): De Hems 10
Opening ceremony: Wilminktheater: Wenninkgaarde 40-42

Are you fully prepared yet for the Agora? Have you read the booklets yet? If not there is still time! You can find the booklets on the link below. http://intranet.aegee.org/cd/view/3#documents/6389/page:1
You will need to login on your intranet account to access them. On that page, there are several booklets, including information about candidatures, proposals, activity reports, budgets but also the general Spring Agora Enschede Booklet! This last booklet contains the agenda during the event as well as some useful general information to know, this is the one to start with!

We are glad to inform everyone that during our entire event it will be possible to pay with the same tokens at the parties! You will be able to buy these Agora tokens (AEGEEuros?) throughout the event and never have to worry about how to pay anymore and on top of that, you can quickly gather tokens from your friends to order a batch of drinks all at once!

We would like to introduce to you the Agora Enschede WhatsApp notification service. This service will provide you with general announcements about the event, and changes in schedule. In order to subscribe to this service please save the Info desk number (+31-622012870) in your contact list. And send the message “AGORA ON” to this number through WhatsApp. This number is will not reply to your messages, do not ask questions to this number 🙂

##> PARTIES <## You might have noticed already, but we are selling party passes! Is your partysquad missing that 1 friend who was not able to attend the full agora? Tell them of this opportunity! Visit our webshop to buy the party pass! You can buy them for each party separate, or simply get access to all of them at once! (Lodging, transport, food, etc not included).
#> €9,- Party pass purchases made before this email can be refunded in favor of a €3,- single day party pass.

IMPORTANT: Due to regulations we have to abide, every local is only allowed to bring 1 bottle of strong liquor (15% and up). This bottle has to be handed to the info desk by the end of Friday afternoon.

On facebook the first 2 party themes have already been disclosed:
Arrival day (23rd) – Welcome to the Netherlands! Dress up as Dutch as you can and join the party at the University’s very own student-run pub, de Vestingbar!
Day one (24th) – P.C.S.A. Incognito Masquerade ball. After the opening ceremony at the beautiful Wilminktheater, we’ll head up to the fancy club ‘t Bölke. Dress up elegant and start this Agora incognito.
#> TIP: Dress up for the plenaries that day, as after the plenaries there will be no time anymore to change before the opening ceremony.

Check the official facebook participants group to find out what the other themes are!

##> GYM <##
We have received some questions when the gym will be opened. The gym will be opened from Tuesday 23rd 23:59 onwards. There will an option to store your luggage earlier and we will make certain to keep you entertained if you arrive earlier 🙂

In order to support the environment and to lessen our footprint on the planet, Friday 26th will be a meat-free Friday! We hope you like veggies because this day you won’t be able to run from them! 😉

After a long day of discussion, would you really just like to just dance it off? We got a salsa workshop for you! One of Enschede’s very own dance associations will quickly teach you how to be a true salsa master on the dance floor Would you rather test your luck? Join the bingo activity instead and see if you are lucky enough to win some cool prizes! The bingo is on Tuesday (23rd), the salsa is on Thursday (25th), both are free, but both have limited places and you can sign up using the form above!
Stay tuned for more activities!

We would like to ask you once again to fill in our questionnaire if you have not already done so. It has some important additional information about topics such as arrival and departure time, special needs and technology matters.

##> https://goo.gl/forms/O45R7YONY0hoMDQH3

##> CONTACT <##
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We are still hard at work at providing you the best Agora experience possible, if you have any awesome tips or just want to have a talk with us be sure to contact us!

On behalf of the organizing team of the Spring Agora Enschede 2017 – Dare to Act,
Derk Snijders – Incoming responsible

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