Asterion is AEGEE-Enschede’s own pub! Every tuesday and thursday we gather together in Asterion to have a nice cold Grolsch beer. It is our very own pub in every way, we have our very own location, our own pub-board and our own bartenders. It is the perfect location for a cosy drink after a hard day working, it is the place to meet your fellow AEGEE friends to talk, play games or party hard!

The pub is located in the ‘Pakkerij’, a building owned by the university and leased to 4 student-associations, among which AEGEE-Enschede. This places our pub right in the center of Enschede, accessible for everyone. Often we organize events which can be held in Asterion or parties which are held in Asterion and come with custom party decoration. Below are some pictures of our pub and the myth which led to the pub’s name.

And last but not least, don’t forget to check out our pub’s site!

Asterion’s Myth

To explain the name of the pub we need to dive in the ancient Greek mythology. Years before a star shined over Bethlehem, a young and innocent little goddess skipped through a meadow. This little girl in question had the name of Europa. The supreme god Zeus, a kind of fellow that you might find at the Chippendales these days, had laid his eyes on this beautiful maidenly little goddess.

But no, Europa did not want anything to do with him; she was a free and independent woman and liked it that way. Zeus however did not just give up and used his godlike powers to shapeshift into the form of a majestic bull. In this form he went on towards the joyfully skipping girl. As soon as Europa spotted the bull amids the tall grass she let out a yell of delight. A bull that pretty had she never seen before! She ran towards Zeus, who promptly kneeled before her. Europa, being the naive little girl as she was, climbed on top of the bull’s strong back and stroked it carefully. While supressing his excitement Zeus stood up and started to walk. While Europa stroked him Zeus went faster and faster. As someone possessed he gallopped faster and further, something that caused suspicion among the maidenly Europa.

After hours of running Zeus reached the south coast of Kreta with the terrified Europa on his back. Once there it was clear what the bull’s true identity was. In a surge of lust Zeus raped Europa en kept her as his prisoner for years on the heavenly island. He took her in a brutal way, time after time again until there was very little left of her. She laid down in a corner, completely worn out. Then Zeus, restless as he was, felt it was time again to hunt for a woman. He left Europa, by now a young but less innocent woman, hunkering for love and protection, behind on the beautiful island.

On this island there also lived a king who had years ago heard of the lovely woman, who was missused in such a heartless way by the brutal Zeus. Zeus had not nearly left or a messenger hasted himself towards the king to tell him that the beautiful Europa sat weeping in a corner. The king, whose name was Asterion, quickly mounted his horse and raced himself to Europa. As soon as she came within his vision he was overwhelmed by her beauty. He kneeled before her, bowed his head, and asked her to marry him. Europa rushed into his arms and by doing so king Asterion became patron of Europa.