At first, there was nothing… Nothing but dust and soil. However, as the years passed by and the deoxyribose acids evolved, peoples’ wisdom increased. As an antenna, AEGEE-Enschede started to grow and develop as an active link in the European Network.

It was around this time that two Gentlemen, who had been involved in AEGEE-Enschede from the very start, saw the threat of a brain-drain from our beloved region of Twente. There was hardly any transfer of the accumulated knowledge: As members left our city, their experience and knowledge left with them.

On a warm summer’s night, August 26th of 1991, John Robbert Nas and Geert Anne Marcus Haisma found themselves surrounded by blue fog of cigar smoke, mixed with the oh-so-delicious smell of Glenfiddich Single Malt. They discussed the process that was going on and decided it was time for them to DARE TO ACT.

It was on that night that the cornerstone of the first ever Fraternity of AEGEE-Enschede was laid:

Primum Collegium Societatis AEGEE-Enschede Incognito

At the General Members Assembly of May 22, 1992, the Primum Collegium was officially recognized as Gentlemen Fraternity of AEGEE-Enschede. For over 25 years, we have watched over our beloved antenna and preserved, transferred, and shared the accumulated knowledge.

We organized numerous conferences, symposia, and activities, both local and European. Every four years we organize a visit to the European Parliament for all members of AEGEE-Enschede, as well as a tour on which we visit multiple Belgian Breweries by bike. In our local, we organize activities ranging from a negation-simulation in collaboration with the Clingendael institute of International Relations to a beer fest, in which we strengthen the internal cohesion by letting AEGEE members compete in various drinking games. Lastly, our fraternity is the largest supplier of members for the board, pub board, and Comité Directeur for AEGEE-Enschede.