The university is a young and enterprising university that prepares young people for the future. They accomplish this through innovative, attractive and future-focused education and through fulfilling a global function in technological and social research.

The University of Twente is the place where talent development is maximized. Students and staff are the focus at the University of Twente. Together, 3,300 researchers and professionals work on pioneering research, relevant innovations and inspiring education for more than 9,000 students. Fifty years of ‘high tech, human touch’

The University of Twente has a prospering campus, an ecosystem for hundreds of spin-off companies. Entrepreneurship is in our genes. Approximately 100 (student) companies are located on campus. In addition, THE UT has already produced more than 800 successful spin-off businesses. Kennispark Twente stimulates and facilitates starting entrepreneurs.

But there is also so much more going on at our splendid green campus. Its sporting and cultural facilities are unique and events such as the world’s largest think tank, CreaTe Tomorrow, and the biggest student sporting event, the Batavierenrace, have made the campus famous. The campus is inspiring and vibrant!


Fifty years of ‘high tech, human touch’: The University of Twente, which at its founding in 1961 was still called the Twente Technological University of Applied Sciences, managed to distinguish itself early on by integrating technology with the social sciences. In addition, the ‘third technical university of applied sciences’ also distinguished itself with her campus terrain and approach to education.

In 1961, the House of Representatives agreed to the establishment of a third technical university of applied sciences in Enschede. Enschede was selected to be the location over Alkmaar and Deventer. The existence of a strong manufacturing industy (textiles, metal, electrical engineering, chemicals), the necessity for innovation of the textile industry and the firm lobby of that textile industry together with the Eastern government agencies, probably were important factors in making this decision. Just as the fact that the municipality of Enschede made the Drienerlo estate available for the first campus university of the Netherlands, this probably was an important factor in making this decision.

The University of Twente, then still called the THT, was officially opened by Her Majesty Queen Juliana on 14 September 1964. The first class consisted of two hundred students, including four girls.


The University of Twente is accelerating. As a university, we are embracing a bold new set of ambitions and raising the bar even higher. The University of Twente is the leading entrepreneurial university. We constantly anticipate future developments and respond rapidly and effectively to the changing world around us. Our staff are experts in their field and set the agenda for public debate. Our ongoing interaction with industry, research institutes and government generates ground-breaking research and world-class innovations. We produce outstanding graduates who excel by combining expertise from a range of fields as they design solutions that meet the demands of the future, in the Netherlands and throughout the world.