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Sat 20th May, 2017

Party themes of the Agora!

Tuesday 23rd of May
Welcome to the Netherlands

Hello everyone and welcome to the Netherlands! On your arrival day we’d like to introduce you to the Netherlands. Maybe you’ve already heard of it, but we have beautiful tulips, delicious stroopwafels (those cookies), wooden shoes (klompen), windmills and of course BEER! The best beer you can get in the Netherlands is Grolsch, which is produced in Enschede. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place to taste it. So dress up as Dutch as you can and join the party at the University’s very own pub, de Vestingbar!

Wednesday 24th of May
P.C.S.A. Incognito Masquerade ball

Have you ever tried to be incognito? Some gents at AEGEE-Enschede are incognito all the time, ever since they joined the fraternity P.C.S.A Incognito. For most of us, this is a quite difficult to accomplish, due to them only inviting a few to join them each year. However, tonight we can all be incognito! Ever tried to be someone else? Do you want to pull a prank on someone without them knowing who you are? After the opening ceremony at the beautiful Wilminktheater, we’ll head up to the fancy club ‘t Bölke. Dress up elegant and start this Agora incognito.

Thursday 25th of May
Beach party

The 25th of May is Ascension Day! Maybe it’s a little bit odd to throw a beach party on this day, but for us Dutchies it isn’t that weird! On Ascension Day a lot of people go out of bed at 3 AM to sing and dance barefoot in a field of grass. This is called ‘dauwtrappen’. After dauwtrappen, to get warm again, there are many bonfires at the beach. So now you know where our theme comes in. So dress up in your favorite beach outfit and come to club Merlijn for a great beach party! However, just a bikini or a Speedo can be a little bit too cold 😉

Friday 26th of May
30 shades of AEGEE-Enschede

This year AEGEE-Enschede has its sixth lustrum, which means we are celebrating our 30th birthday. To celebrate this memorable year we are bringing sexy back with the theme ‘30 shades of AEGEE-Enschede’. Unleash your inner Ana or Christian and get wild! This sexy party is in de Pakkerij, when you are there, don’t forget to visit our own pub Asterion, which is on the ground floor!

Saturday 27th of May
European Night

It’s the night we all know; the European Night! At this end of the Agora Enschede, we’d like to bring everyone just a little closer then we already are. Everyone brings some food and drinks from their home country so we all can enjoy it. This is your last chance to party in Enschede, so don’t miss it! There will be an afterpary in the Vestingbar.

Wed 03rd May, 2017

Progress update: Only three more weeks!

It’s been a while since we’ve written a progress update, which is due to the fact that things have been busy around here! Logically, a lot has happened since the last update, let me inform you.

The whole process of applications and confirmations is over now and we can finally order all the important things for you. The cups, the participants’ shirts and other merchandise is being purchased as we speak. Also, the contracts regarding the food are signed and the menu has been picked. The food will be delicious, I can guarantee! All plenary rooms and sleeping facilities are finalized and the hot showers are waiting for you. Also, the keychords and badges are being designed and printed. All the things you have to think of when organizing such an event. The auction in the webshop has been successful and some of the lucky winners won’t have to stand in line for their food. Also, the wake-up music and the dates are going strong! The bidding is still open, so take a look at the webshop for the bidding items if you’re interested.

The whole program and the script are really coming together and the Logistics Committee has been working hard to find helpers and put them in their own developed system. Every time slot, all materials needed, all stakeholders involved, all details are thoroughly thought through. Also, the Social Program Committee has been busy arranging all the fun things for you. They managed to arrange amazing party locations and have typical Dutch games planned, they will make sure you will have the time of your life! It’s great to see the effort of all these people, who all together will make sure the Spring Agora Enschede will be unforgettable for all of you!

Thu 06th Apr, 2017

Webshop online!

The application period is officially over and the Chair Team has decided. They accepted 775 participants! See if you are accepted in Zeus on the following page: https://www.zeus.aegee.org/statutory/ag1705/participants.php. It is now time to confirm your application and officially become a participant of the Spring Agora Enschede! You can do this in our webshop, which is now online. You can also buy your participant shirt or air mattress or bid on several auction items like a VIP room or a date with the president of AEGEE-Enschede. Take a look here: https://agoraenschede.org/shop/.

Sun 02nd Apr, 2017

April Fools Day

Happy April Fools Day! Of course, you’ll have a seat to sit on during the plenaries! But we would still appreciate it if you could confirm as fast as possible 😉

Sat 01st Apr, 2017

Applications are closed

As of right now, the applications for the Spring Agora Enschede are closed.

Sat 25th Mar, 2017

Application Deadline EXTENDED

The application deadline for the Spring Agora is extended to March the 31st (23.59h). Be sure to apply on time to not miss this amazing event!

Tue 21st Mar, 2017

Application Deadline

Tic Toc… The clock is ticking! Only three more days to apply for the Spring Agora Enschede 2017! The application deadline is Thursday at 23.59. Don’t miss it!

Mon 20th Mar, 2017

Meet the Core Team: Anne-Fleur

Anne-Fleur (External Affairs): “Hey everyone! As the final member of the core team it is my turn to introduce myself. My name is Anne-Fleur and I am nineteen years old. I am a second year European Public Administration student at the University of Twente. The name of my study reveals it a bit already, but I am very interested in the Europe (and the European Union) and everything that has something to do with it. Therefore, this is my second year as a member of AEGEE-Enschede. My interest in Europe is one of the biggest reasons why I am a member of the core team of the Spring Agora Enschede. As a member of this team I am, together with Luuk Geurts, responsible for the External Affairs. The Spring Agora Enschede is the first AEGEE-Europe event that I will experience and I am really looking forward to it. I hope that you all are just as excited as I am and I hope to see you in May!”

Sun 19th Mar, 2017

General Program

We have been working hard at finalising all activities, below you can find the provisional general program!

Sun 05th Mar, 2017

Meet the Core Team: Ralph en Wietske

Ralph (Logistics): “Hey everyone, I’m up next to introduce myself! I’m Ralph, Responsible for logistics and the communication between the core team and the logistics committee. I am 25 years old and a sixth year member of AEGEE. I’m busy finishing my bachelor of Advanced Technology and will start my master in Biomedical Engineering next year. In my years as an AEGEE member I’ve done several committees in Enschede and I have been a member of the pub board of Asterion. Although I have been a member of AEGEE for quite some time I hadn’t made the step to European events yet so this Agora is a great opportunity for me to finally become active on a European level. As Logistics responsible my main responsibilities will be to make sure everything runs smoothly during the agora, both in the open and behind the scenes. I’m looking forward to meeting you all in May!”

Wietske (Logistics & Vice President): “Hi all! For the ones who do not know me: my name is Wietske, I am 22 years old and I study Media, Information & Communication in Enschede. Last year, I was President and European Affairs of AEGEE-Enschede and this year I am organising the Spring Agora Enschede 2017. After attending 7 Agorae and several EBM’s/EPM’s I am so looking forward to welcome you all here in Enschede.

Besides being Vice-Organiser of the Core Team, I am also the Core Team Responsible for the Social Programme Committee. So, if you have any complaints about the parties I am afraid you have to blame me. But, the parties will be awesome, so no complaints please!

Derk’s nickname after the EPM in Zagreb was Tall Dutch Guy, I am afraid my nickname will be Tall Dutch Girl, because that’s how you can recognize me. Being tall and enthusiastic! If you have any questions, feel free to ask. If you want to experience my sarcasm moods, feel free to ask. If you want to attend Spring Agora Enschede: Dare to Act and apply now! Enjoy your weekend and I see you in May!”

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