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Sun 26th Feb, 2017

Change of Official Dates

We want to share with you all that, due to unforeseen circumstances outside of our control, the Spring Agora Enschede will last one day shorter than communicated before. The new official dates are:

23rd of May: Arrival Day

24th – 27th of May: Spring Agora Enschede

28th of May: Departure Day

But don’t worry about a thing. We will put all our energy into making these four days the best Agora of all times!

Sun 26th Feb, 2017

Meet the Core Team: Luuk & Adrian

Luuk(External Affairs): “Dear AEGEE people, I’m proud to present myself to you as one of the organizers of the Spring Agora Enschede 2017! I’m Luuk, the External Affairs of the core team. I’m 25 years old and after I finished my Bachelor International Business Administration, I started with the Master Business Administration, of which only the thesis is left. After attending the Spring Agora Bergamo, I got so enthusiastic that I wanted to organize an Agora too! The External Affairs position is about everything where we collaborate with partners, lodging, rooms, etcetera.

At AEGEE-Enschede I’ve been involved in several committees and the last years I’m part of the audit committee. Besides AEGEE I contributed to the student life as a board member of my study association, and I’ve been elected as a member of the representative student body to the Board of Directors of the University of Twente for two consecutive years.

I hope you want to change the world, with lots of energy…DARE TO ACT!”

Adrian(Logistics): “Hey everybody! I would like to introduce myself to you: I am Adrian and responsible for Logistics for the Spring Agora Enschede. I am 19 years old and a second year AEGEE member as wel as an second year student at the Saxion University of applied sciences, where I study Commercial Economics. Besides my study I am very active at AEGEE; work in committee’s, organising activities with my fraternity, bartender at our pub Asterion, playing guitar in the AEGEE band and now organising the Spring Agora! As a member of the core team I am responsible for logistics of the event, so I will make sure that everybody and everything is in the right place at the right time. The Agora will be my first experience with an AEGEE-Europe event, and I am very curious but also very excited to see what the Agora has in store for me. I hope to see you all in Enschede this spring!”

Sat 25th Feb, 2017

Application Deadline EXTENDED

The application deadline is extended to the 31st of March! Be sure you don’t miss this one. You can find how to apply under the participants tab. Hope to see you there in May!

Thu 23rd Feb, 2017

Progress Update: Preparing for Opening Applications

Although most students in the Netherlands are on holidays this week, we are still working on all kinds of things. We are happy to tell you the subcommittee for the social program (socialprogram@agoraenschede.org) already has picked out all the locations for the parties and came up with great themes. Knowing this, we are already excited to put on our costumes and party all night long. Are we making you guys curious?! The themes will be announced on this website in a few weeks, so be sure to check back regularly! The subcommittee responsible for the logistics (logisticscommittee@agoraenschede.org.) has coded their own program to manage all the time slots, participants and activists to make sure everyone is at the right location at the right time. We see the event coming together more and more by making these estimations and really thinking critically through the entire program.

The core team meanwhile has been busy with making adjustments to the website (webshop is in progress!) and making sure all the possible participants have the information they need to register. Applications will open in 4 days(!!!), so we are preparing ourselves for all the questions that will arise and making sure we have all the answers. By the way, if you have any questions take a look at the FAQ! Another very important aspect we are working on: picking out the food you will eat during the event. Last but not least we are putting together an awesome opening ceremony with lots of fun Dutch acts and interesting speakers.

Sun 19th Feb, 2017

Meet the Core Team: Roel & Renske!

Roel(Treasurer): “Hey, let me introduce myself. I am Roel and the treasurer of the Spring Agora Enschede. I am 21 years old and a 4th year member of AEGEE-Enschede. I have almost finished my bachelor of Industrial Engineering and Managament and look forward to start my master. In the past 4 years I have attended the Autumn Agora Cagliari and the Spring Agora Asturias as a delegate. Besides that I took part in several committees of AEGEE-Enschede. As the treasurer of the Agora I am responsible for the finances. We all want the participants fee to be as low as possible and that makes my job all the more difficult. We hope to give you the most value for your money as possible, balancing between shortening on some activities and spending some extra on others. I hope to see you all in May to enjoy the event yourself!”

Renske(PR & Contact AEGEE-Enschede):  “Hello AEGEE people! Finally my time has come to introduce myself to you all and I’m gladly doing so. Hi, I’m Renske! I am the current president of AEGEE-Enschede and also member of the core team of the upcoming Agora. What am I doing on a regular day? I put my studies (Industrial Design) on hold for a year to spend my time fully on AEGEE, which means I’m at our office everyday making sure everything within AEGEE-Enschede runs smoothly. For example, I’m responsible for the communication with our Pub Board and I’m involved with our Yearbook committee. Of course, I’m also trying to manage my enthusiastic fellow Board members and making sure all of our members are enjoying our activities. In the core team of the Agora I’m partly responsible for PR and fully responsible for all matters AEGEE-Enschede. So, if you’re reading a blog post on our website, it was most probably me behind the computer. In the past half a year I went to the Agora in Chisinau and a Network Meeting in Belgrade where I met awesome AEGEE people. I hope and expect to meet many more this Spring in Enschede! See you there.”

Wed 15th Feb, 2017

Date Opening Applications


The applications for the Spring Agora Enschede will open the 27th of February.

If you don’t want to miss the delicious Dutch stroopwafels, bitterballen and Goldstrike, be sure to mark this date in your calendar!

Sun 12th Feb, 2017

Meet the Core Team: Tom & Derk


Tom(President): “Hello everybody! My name is Tom, the main coordinator of Spring Agora Enschede, and I’m the first member of the core team to introduce myself to you. I’m a student of industrial design and in t he past I’ve been in the board of AEGEE-Enschede, Chairperson of the Agora for two years, and now I’m leading the team that will make the upcoming agora an unforgettable experience. My responsibilities as main organiser are to make sure the whole team stays motivated, everyone sticks to the schedule and all tasks are done. I’m also in charge of the conference part of this Agora, which means I’m in contact with possible speakers. I hope you’ve got an idea of what I do, and I hope to see you all in Enschede in May!”

Derk(Secretary, Incoming & Outcoming Responsible, IT, Visa Responsible): “Heya! I am Derk and this is going to be my attempt to introduce myself to you. I am 23 years old, third-year member of AEGEE-Enschede and the Secretary, Incoming responsible and Visa responsible. And IT responsible. And Outgoing responsible. Yes, those are quite a lot of responsibilities, but I am ready to take them up! I have tricked the committee in taking turns on taking minutes which takes away a lot of work already from me. Aside from that Incoming and Outgoing responsible is close to casually chatting with the network, I will just redirect the hard questions. Jokes aside, 4 functions does not mean 4 times the work, these functions are quite well compatible with each other. We are a very lovely committee and share the work among each other.

I have been chair IT in Agora Chisinau and have just finished my year as a pub board member of Asterion, AEGEE-Enschede’ s own pub. Being done drinking beer, having only 4 functions was obviously not enough of a challenge for me, so I will also be going to the AEGEE-Europe head office in Brussel to annoy the CD with my many attempts at being funny, also I will be doing some IT things there. If you have been paying attention you might notice lots of IT work, and I haven’t even mentioned my study, which is also IT! I have finished my bachelor in computer science at the University of Twente and have decided to pick up some practical experience while making AEGEE a better place. I am a typical dutch person, being 2 meters tall!, and my favorite color is green. Also, I am represented by a I3anana on the internet. If you have any questions about the agora, me, what those cookies are doing on the site or want to experience my lame jokes first hand, be sure to send an email to me!”

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