Tue 16th May, 2017

Do I need to buy the party pass if I already paid the fee?

Nope! Don’t worry, after a day of plenaries you have earned your spot at the parties and we won’t take that away from you. The party passes are only for people who do not attend the full Agora yet still want to experience the parties.

Thu 11th May, 2017

When will the gym be opened?

The gym will be opened from Tuesday 23rd 23:59 onwards. There will an option to store your luggage earlier and we will make certain to keep you entertained if you arrive earlier 🙂

Thu 02nd Mar, 2017

When is the closing plenary?

The closing plenary (and after it another party!) is on the evening of the 27th, meaning the 27th has a full day of activities! On Sunday the 28th you will be politely asked to leave the gym 🙂

Tue 28th Feb, 2017

When is the opening Ceremony?

The opening ceremony will be on Wednesday the 24th, in the evening. However, there will be plenaries/workshops during the morning/afternoon on the 24th. So the 24th is a full day of program!

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