The core team is the main organising team. They are leading the process and are responsible for making this event great. If you need to contact a specific person, just click on their icons below their name. If you have general questions, use the form on the contact page.

Tom Simons
Tom SimonsPresident
Tom is the main coordinator of the Spring Agora and therefore also president of Foundation ICE. He has been a member of AEGEE since 2010 and has been a board member of AEGEE-Enschede in 2012-2013. Besides this, he was Chairperson of the Agora from 2014 – 2016.

Derk Snijders
Derk SnijdersSecretary, Incoming, Visa & IT
Derk Snijders is a 5th-year student of the Faculty Computer Science. After his Bachelors in Computer Science, Derk is currently finishing up his pub-board year after which he will help out the Comité Directeur on IT matters. Derk has been a member of AEGEE-Europe & AEGEE-Enschede since 2014.

Roel Smulders
Roel SmuldersTreasurer
Roel carries out the role of Treasurer within the core team and is, therefore, responsible for the finances of the event. He became a member of AEGEE-Enschede in 2013 and has attended multiple agorae as a delegate. During the attendance of these events, he became infected with the idea of contributing to the organization of such an event himself. When in January 2016 hearsay reached him about the possible Spring Agora 2017 in Enschede, he immediately applied for the core team. Ever since he is contributing to making this agora an amazing event!

Luuk Geurts
Luuk GeurtsExternal Affairs & Public Relations
Luuk Geurts is a 7th-year student of the Faculty Behavioural, Management, and Social Sciences. After his Bachelors in International Business Administration, Luuk is currently writing his master thesis for his Business Administration master program. Luuk has been a member of AEGEE-Europe & AEGEE-Enschede since 2010.

Anne-Fleur Karssing
Anne-Fleur KarssingExternal Affairs & Public Relations
Anne-Fleur Karssing is a second-year student of European Public Administration. Anne-Fleur is, together with Luuk and Adrian, responsible for the External Affairs and the Public Relations. Currently, she participating in a project called EuroSim. This is an annual four-day simulation of decision-making in the EU, where the European Union will be simulated together with 175 other international students. She became a member of AEGEE-Enschede in 2015.

Ralph Gerlings
Ralph GerlingsLogistics
Within the Core Team, Ralph is responsible for the Logistics together with Wietske. He coordinates the Logistics Committee. Ralph has joined AEGEE-Enschede in 2011 and he has done several committees within AEGEE-Enschede. Now, several years later he has decided to finally become more active on a European level and is committed to making the Spring Agora run very smoothly.

Adrian Westerbeek
Adrian WesterbeekLogistics
Adrian Westerbeek is a second-year student at the university of applied science Saxion and studies Commercial Economics. He’s is a member of AEGEE-Enschede since 2015. He is responsible for the Logistics.

Wietske Jousma
Wietske JousmaLogistics
Within the Core Team, Wietske is Vice-President and together with Ralph responsible for the Logistics. She coordinates the Social Program Committee. Wietske has been a member of AEGEE-Enschede since 2012 and she has done several committees. Last year (2015-2016), Wietske was President of AEGEE-Enschede. As a delegate, she participated in 7 Agorae and she was envoy to 4 EBM/EPM’s. After attending these many statutory events, Wietske is determined to organize an unforgettable Agora for all participants!

Renske Hortensius
Renske HortensiusPublic Relations & President of AEGEE-Enschede
Renske is the current President of AEGEE-Enschede. Aside from being a full-time AEGEE board member this year, she is a Bachelor student Industrial Design. In the core team, she is responsible for all matters AEGEE-Enschede and helps out with PR. Renske has been active within AEGEE since September 2014.