Foundation Internationale Congressen Enschede is the foundation responsible for the organisation of Spring Agora Enschede 2017. The foundation is founded by members of AEGEE-Enschede, to create more freedom and clarity in the organisation of large international conferences in Enschede.


The foundation has 8 board members, Tom Simons as president, Derk Snijders as secretary and Roel Smulders as treasurer. The board members of the foundation are also members of the core team of the Agora.

Supervisory Board

The Foundation ICE also has a supervisory board. They will provide helpful advice and feedback during the organising the Spring Agora 2017. Making sure the board of the foundation will not take too many or too great risks that can cause the organisation of the Agora and the foundation harm.

Currently the following people are in the Supervisory Board of Foundation ICE: Annemiek Fladderak, Bart Koornwinder, Boudewijn Steenhof, Evelien Kroon, Hanke Nijman, Marlijn van Erk, Maurits Korse, Paul Smits, Renske Hortensius, Ruben van Dijk and Vincent Baas.

Audit Commission

To make sure the financial situation of Foundation ICE and the organisation of Spring Agora Enschede will stay healthy a special audit commission is in charge to control and check upon the finances of the foundation. The audit commission consists of the following members: Annemiek Fladderak, Erik Steenman, Jochem Postmes, Marlijn van Erk, Maurits Korse and Victor Lap.