The Social Program Committee, or simply SoCie, is preparing an unforgettable social program for you. They are responsible for the parties and alternative social program. You can contact them at

Danique Jansen
Danique JansenSpeaker
Danique brings order to our lives.
Fleur Sebek
Fleur SebekSecretary
“Well, I do quite a lot.”
Thomas van der Tooren
Thomas van der ToorenTreasurer
Thomas makes sure you don’t pay too much for your beer.
Suzanne de Vette
Suzanne de VetteLogistics
Suzanne organises the most awesome alternative program.
Timo Haarman
Timo HaarmanLogistics
Timo makes sure you get in the right bus.
Nick Kerkhoffs
Nick KerkhoffsExternal
“What am I actually doing?”
Alexander Menne
Alexander MenneExternal
Alexander is for entertainment purposes only.
Hicham Zahri
Hicham ZahriExternal
Hicham arranges the best locations to party all night long.
Wietske Jousma
Wietske JousmaCore Team Responsible
“I am a nice person”