Applications are closed, you can no longer apply for Spring Agora Enschede 2017.

I want to apply, now what?


You can apply at the intranet page of AEGEE-Europe: or simply click the button above 🙂

I applied, now what?

So you have sent in your application for Spring Agora Enschede 2017, are you done now?

No! While yes in a technical standpoint you are done, but you should not forget to motivate others! Share your experiences of past events, motivate new people to participate on a European level, make others aware! Talk to your local/body, talk to random people, share the event on social media and gather your friends to experience it together!

Share the awesomeness, motivate others to Dare to Act!

I told all my friends, now what?

Whoooo!! Good job!

Now you will have to wait. The chair team needs to approve your application (so make sure your motivation is great!), after which we will ask you to confirm your participation by paying the fee (more information about this will follow). You can either motivate others even more, or you can already start discussing on the forums, or (only if you are really awesome) do both!

To discussion and beyond!