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Yes of course! The (free) lockers near the plenary room each have a power plug inside!

Yes! There are more than enough lockers near the plenary location, and what’s even better: they are free to use and each of them has a power plug inside!

Yes, there are!, plenty! It will cost €0,50,- each time you want to use them though.

Nope! Don’t worry, after a day of plenaries you have earned your spot at the parties and we won’t take that away from you. The party passes are only for people who do not attend the full Agora yet still want to experience the parties.

Well, it’s spring… but if we need heating it will be there! And hot showers? Of course!

Have a look at our how to arrive at Enschede page!

Have a look at our how to arrive at Enschede page!

The gym will be opened from Tuesday 23rd 23:59 onwards. There will an option to store your luggage earlier and we will make certain to keep you entertained if you arrive earlier 🙂

Yes! You can find this on our program page, this will also be updated once more is known!

There are a couple of ways to do that:

  • Check if you have a thumbs up next to your name on zeus
  • Check if you have received an email from our webshop telling you your order is complete
  • Go to the My Account section on our website and check the status from your order

Please keep in mind that we need processing time and that delays of a day or sometimes even 2 can occur. Contact us if you think it has taken too long.

Your zeus-ID is a unique number assigned to you when you applied for the Agora, it really helps us speeding things up when we know your zeus-ID. You can find it on this page, in the ID column (209-XXXX):

We are sorry to inform you that this is not possible. You will have to pay the full fee.

Sadly this is not possible. We have contractual obligations that make this impossible for us to offer to our participants.

The participant option for the Agora Fee item in our webshop is only to differentiate between participants who are in need of a visa and for those we do not. You can check if you are in need of a visa by going to the visa page.

Whether you are a delegate, visitor or envoy does not matter for this option.

Accepted means that you are allowed by the chair to participate in the Agora. When you are accepted you still need to pay the fee to let the local organizers know you really will attend!

Confirmed means you have paid the Agora fee and are ready to participate at the Agora.


To bid on an auction item you need an account first. If you already have an account make sure you are logged in and simply visit the auction item page. On the item’s page, you can place your bid, payment is handled at the end when the winner is known.

Auctions are a special type of product we sell. During a set time frame everyone can bid on the product and when the time expires the highest bidder wins the product. This can be the getting access to the food fast lane or choose the music people will wake up to!

Be aware that bidding binds you to have to pay for the product in case you win. Check out our terms and services for more information.

You can make an account by purchasing any normal item, if you just want to create a free account you can buy the free account creation item.

If you already have an account you can log in by going to Shop > My Account in the menu.

Ofcourse! Simply add the amount of products you want to purchase to your cart and continue the checkout.

When paying other people’s Agora fee make sure to mention their names and zeus-id in comment section during checkout.

Yes. Our webshop allows direct bank transfer as a form of payment, however, you always need to order the ‘Agora Fee’ product from our webshop.

You can pay the Agora fee, and confirm your participation, by buying it from our webshop!


Yes, you can! Simply add the product you would like to buy to your cart and proceed to checkout where you can select ‘Direct Bank Transfer’. Once chosen continue the checkout process after which you will receive an email with the instructions.

Yes, we are actively working on this!

Most likely yes!

Due to ease of communication we are only looking for dutch speaking AEGEE-members. For more information you can contact the Logistics Committee at

The fee is set to be €55 for non-visa (and €50 for visa) participants.

The closing plenary (and after it another party!) is on the evening of the 27th, meaning the 27th has a full day of activities! On Sunday the 28th you will be politely asked to leave the gym 🙂

The opening ceremony will be on Wednesday the 24th, in the evening. However, there will be plenaries/workshops during the morning/afternoon on the 24th. So the 24th is a full day of program!

This is up to the chair team, we will update the program when we know it!

Information about this will be released when it is available on the social program page!

You can find everyone’s personal mail at the core-team page!

Check out the ‘How to get to Enschede‘ page!

See the apply now page!

See the visa page for a detailed description of the process, specifically step 1.

The visa procedure will start after the applications have been closed. You can find more information on the visa page.

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