On this page, we will gather and list some of the Pre&Post-Events that are organized around Agora Enschede. If you have any questions about the events themselves, please contact the organizers of the event. Is your event missing on this page? Contact us!

Pre-event AEGEE-Groningen: “Fantastic AEGEEans and Where to Find Them”

18 – 23 May, Groningen + Ameland

Do you want to see more of the Netherlands before going to Agora Enschede? Would you like to have some more magic in your life? Then look no further! AEGEE-Groningen is inviting you to the Hogwarts of the North between the 18th and 23rd of May for a fun and magical event. You will get the chance to experience the famous Groningen-spirit to the fullest by enjoying our theme parties, your coffee break in the cat cafe, a session by Europe on Track, city games and much more. But this is not all! Two nights of this pre-event will be spent on the island Ameland, which is a well-known tourist destination for Dutch and German Muggles. Here we will play fun games to fully explore the island, get a Drinkwise session, relax in the evening by the campfire on the beach, have a crazy European Night and more!

Convinced? Apply at http://intranet.aegee.org/event/view/100/18819

Questions? Reach us at eventcie@aegee-groningen.nl

Pre-Event AEGEE-Köln: Willkommen in Köln! (Welcome in Europe)

19 – 23 May, Köln

Have you ever wondered…
… what is it like to leave your home, your family and all your belongings behind and escape from war and misery?
… who those people actually are that come to our countries in order to find a new home and a place in our society?
… whether the European asylum system is still convenient – or how it actually works?
AEGEE Köln prepared an event that is different to what you have ever seen before. We invite you to make up your mind and get a first-hand impression of the current situation and what it means to be a refugee in Europe!

Pre-Event AEGEE-Tilburg: Stroopwafel games

19 – 23 May, Tilburg

Do you want to optimize your visit to the AGORA? Do you like stroopwafels or are you curious to taste them? Would you like to have fun by playing games? Then join us in the Stroopwafel Games where you can earn as many stroopwafels as you can. Challenge yourself and win the ultimate stroopwafel price! You will participate in activities such as playing football in the International Champions League (ICL), boerengolf, spijkerpoepen, koekhappen and more! We’ll also take you to the Loonse & Drunense dunes and to the beautiful city of ‘s Hertogenbosch to get a glimpse of the Dutch culture. And of course, we have a spectacular evening program prepared for you! So are you enthusiastic? Apply now for our pre-event and we will see you in May!

How to apply (Don’t forget to fill in both!):
1. On intranet
2. Via the google form: goo.gl/forms/o5uJfy5F5ip96azs1

Blow us away with your motivations!
For questions: exchange@aegee-tilburg.nl

Pre-Event AEGEE-Aachen: Charlemagne City

19 – 23 May, Aachen

AACHEN, City of Charlemagne and home of the Polar Bear. Experience 5 beartastic days and get the ultimate Aachen experience:
* In the forest close to Belgium and the Netherlands you will experience Aachen’s international character first hand
* During a trip to the tripoint where Germany meets three of it’s neighboring countries you’ll be able to be in three countries at the same time
* You’ll have the unique chance to take part in the Charlemagne Youth Prize Ceremony – and maybe witness how one of AEGEE’s projects wins
* 2017 is not only the 30th Birthday of the Erasmus program but also of AEGEE-Aachen. Expect us to celebrate this birthday madness in a befitting manner
* You will learn about the Ukraine through workshops prepared by our lovely friends from AEGEE-Lviv
* An epic social program will get your body and soul ready for Agora.

And at the end, you will understand the expression ‘Aachen Alter’. Because German traditions aren’t just about the beer.

Price: only 50€!
I want to apply! Fill out the form at https://goo.gl/forms/LXAD74TpkSra3qUC2
Can I find you in Social Media? Check out the event at https://www.facebook.com/events/271074746674150/
I have further questions! Reach us at preevent@aegee-aachen.org

Post-event AEGEE-Lille: “Voulez-vous AEGEE avec moi ?” – Volume II

2 – 5 June, Lille

Do you want to extend your trip in Flanders after Agora, passing by Belgium and Northern France? AEGEE-Lille will take care of you and make you get some fun and romanticism with French style! After an optional day in Brussels, you will spend 3 days with us in Lille during which we will teach you how to cook French cuisine like a chef, to drink wine and eat cheese, show you some of our museums and enjoy spring times and evenings around barbecues. Of course, we won’t forget to party and we’ll show the nightlife of our big student town 😉