Organizing an event like the Agora comes with great opportunities for partnerships and collaborations. Without the support of partners, the organization of the Spring Agora Enschede would be impossible. This page is meant to provide more information about becoming a partner, and the benefits that come with the partnership. An Agora is an extraordinary experience for the participant. 800 young European students will come together in Enschede to think and talk about the future, and to participate in that as well. Discovering a new surrounding, university, city, country, new cultures, intercultural differences,s, habits and, the students will be challenged on all possible levels to step out their comfort zone and to open themselves up for an unforgettable experience! Do you want to know more about what an Agora is? Please take a look at our “Project Proposal“.

Collaboration opportunities

One of the goals of the Spring Agora Enschede is to show the beautiful city of Enschede, the lively campus of the University of Twente and to put the Dutch culture on the map with the international students, the public administrators of the future. You as a company could contribute to this magnificent event!

A congress with 800 European students is a great opportunity for you to collaborate with us.

Brand awareness, acquiring vacancies, internships or traineeships, product marketing, or another form of collaboration, we would like to collaborate with you to realize your goal and to bring our Agora to a success.

We are open for digital collaborations, analog collaborations, and in-kind collaborations. If you have any other ideas, we are happy to discuss them with you! Please see below for our collaboration possibilities, to gain more company and brand publicity for your company!

Becoming a partner

Are you interested in becoming a partner and are you curious about the concrete deals and the prices that we have to offer? Please contact our External Affairs:

Luuk Geurts & Anne-Fleur Karssing
T: 053-4321040
Stichting Internationale Congressen Enschede
Postbus 376
7500 GB Enschede

Digital collaboration
Banner on the homepage of
Page on
Facebook post on our public Facebook page
Analog collaboration
Connecting your brand to our event:
Spring Agora Enschede 2017 “powered by…”Included:

  • Banner on our website;
  • Logo on goodie bag;
  • Folder in goodie bag (800x own supply)
  • Logo on the front page of our “program booklet” and “result booklet”;
  • Beamer background: in case of no presentation, your logo will be shown as background in the halls;
  • Stand during the openings fair
Connect your name to the plenary hall
Connect your name to the Workshop Hall
Stand during the openings fair (2 hours)
Folder in goodie bag (800x own supply)
Company name on the Agorabadge (800x)
Physical banner with company name in the hall
Ad in “result booklet” or “program booklet” A5
Ad in “result booklet” or “program booklet” A4
Connect your name to a theme party
In-Kind Collaboration Amount
Goodie bag with company logo and logo Spring Agora Enschede 850
Pens 850
Blocnotes 850
Condoms 850
Stroopwafels 850-8500
Coffeecups 850