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The Spring Agora Enschede offers a wide reach among European students and young adults. The target group is internationally oriented and keen to make the future as bright as possible! They do this by strengthening European connection and making environmentally conscious choices. Promoting your company or product during the Spring Agora 2023 offers showcasing products or services, but also raising your company’s profile as a future internship or workplace. 

Curious? Be sure to contact us for more information and become a partner and make Spring Agora Enschede 2023 an unforgettable experience!

Fair Package

For the Fair package, you have the opportunity to have a stand on the Agora fair and get in contact with over 600 students. This part will take place on Wednesday May 17th. 

  • Stand at the fair
  • Page in Agora booklet
  • Page on website 

Workshop Package

With the Workshop package you have the opportunity to offer a workshop of up to 1.5 hours to about 20 to 40 participants of the Agora. This gives you the opportunity to have intensive contact with the Agora participants and to teach them something about your company, goals or way of working!

  • Providing a workshop in the official Agora programme
  • Page in Agora booklet
  • Promotion on social media and website

Catering package

The meal will be entirely dedicated to your company, through banners and opportunities to speak to the roughly 600 participants. It will also be mentioned that you are sponsoring the meal in the Telegram channel where the important announcements will be made to all participants.

  • “[Your company] Dinner” in the official Agora Program
  • Banners during meal times and the possibility to speak to Agora participants during the meal
  • Promotional message on Telegram


  • Logo on website
  • Logo on partnerpage
  • Logo in Agora booklet
  • General partnerpost


  • Leaf package
  • Logo on nametag/keycord
  • Logo on cups


  • Tree package
  • Agora is powered by...
  • Speaker during plenary session (5 mins)
  • Exclusive Instagram post
  • Banner in venue

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Curious to discover the possibilities and see what becoming a partner of Spring Agora Enschede can mean to you? Contact Susan and Orla and find out!

Susan de Visser

External Affairs

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