at spring agora enschede 2023

The biggest impact of an event is travel. Try to travel by train or bus to Enschede. See the SC guide for more information on sustainable travel options and compensating your emissions. When travelling in Enschede, walk or take the bus instead of a taxi to reduce your emissions.


Saving water!

You can have a large impact by saving water during the Agora! Bring your own reusable water bottle, take short showers and don’t leave the sink open when you’re not using it!

Don't forget these items

Promotional Materials

Keeping promotional materials to a minimum contributes to a sustainability conscious event and reduces needless waste. Consider using reusable materials and think twice if you really need physical materials.

Stickers often end up in the trash, which is unfortunate and not their purpose. It is not allowed to put banners, stickers or transfers on the walls, ceilings, floors, furniture or audio-visual material (except in places authorised for that purpose).

Leave no waste behind

Please, make sure to clean up after yourself when leaving a room. On the departure day, please take all your belongings and your waste.

Follow the organisers’ instructions on how to sort and dispose of your waste.

Prevent food waste

Can’t finish your plate? Share it with someone else, there are always hungry participants!

Don't forget these items

Take your sleeping gear home

Often, Agora or EPM gyms look like a garbage dump after everyone has left. This is unacceptable. It is your own responsibility to take all your belongings back home. No space in your suitcase? Ask someone else to take it home, or make an arrangement with the organisers to rent an air mattress.

Water is drinkable!

Water in Enschede is drinkable. There will be places to refill your reusable water bottle, including the coffee machines present in all buildings.

Lead by example

Show others how it’s done! Talk about sustainability, speak up if you see someone littering, and share your knowledge with other participants.