Getting to the Agora

Travelling to Spring Agora Enschede 2023

In general, we recommend using the 9292 app to plan your journey when traveling from destinations in the Netherlands or from German train stations close to Enschede. You can enter ‘UT/Sportcentrum, Enschede’ into the app as your destination to get a route all the way to the gym.

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🚆 By train

When booking train tickets, consider using the links here: and support ASRF!

💚 Deutsche Bahn’s Event Ticket deal

You can find the link to buy event tickets to the Agora here.

The event ticket allows you to buy one-way tickets to and from the Agora for a fixed price, even if you book last-minute.

The maximum one-way price for a second-class ticket is €51,90. The maximum price for a one-way first-class ticket is €84,90

The event ticket only works inside Germany, so you must select a train station inside Germany in the ‘from’ field. The destination field is preset to Bad Bentheim or Gronau. (or vice-versa for the return trip) From these stations you will need to buy an additional ticket to continue your journey to the Agora.

Traveling via Bad Bentheim

From Bad Bentheim, you can take the train to Hengelo, from where you can complete your journey to the Agora.

Two trains will take you from Bad Bentheim to Hengelo:

    • The DB/NS intercity, which continues to Amsterdam.
      • This intercity may be the one you’re already sitting in on the way to Bad Bentheim. In that case, it’s most convenient to stay seated, so check your tickets and buy one that lets you stay on the same train. You can buy these on the NS or DB site.
    • The Eurobahn regional train. 
      • You can purchase tickets on board or at the station in Bad Bentheim. This train will likely be cheaper than buying an extra intercity ticket between Bad Bentheim and Hengelo.

Once you have arrived in Hengelo, you can, as further described in the sections ‘from the Netherlands’ and ‘by bus’ below:

    • take bus 8 or 9 to the University and walk to the gym
    • take a train to Enschede station and take bus 1 directly to the gym
    • take a train to Enschede Kennispark station and walk to the gym

Traveling via Gronau:

In Gronau, you can take the DB Regio train to Enschede. Tickets can be purchased at the train station, or online. Dutch OV-Chipcards are also accepted on this route.

!Important notes on the event ticket!

Because of its fixed price, the event ticket may be especially practical if you are booking your trip late. However, the event ticket is not necessarily the cheapest way to get to Enschede from/via Germany.

We highly recommend comparing prices carefully. If you book early, you may well find cheaper deals, and the event ticket could be more expensive, especially considering you will need an additional ticket to complete the last leg of your journey.

🇳🇱 From the Netherlands

Every half hour, intercity trains connect Enschede with Amsterdam, The Hague, and Utrecht. These are either direct trains, or routes requiring a connection in Amersfoort. The connection does not add travel time and the transfer is generally on the same platform.  

You can take these intercity trains to Enschede or Hengelo stations, where you can take a bus to the gym, as described in the section below. 

In addition, you can connect to a regional train (sprinter) in Hengelo, which you can use to reach the station ‘Enschede Kennispark’. From Enschede Kennispark, it is a 15 minute walk to the gym. 

You can buy train tickets on the NS website/app or in the 9292 app.

🇩🇪 From Germany

You can also reach Enschede by train from Germany! Nearby German train stations include Bad Bentheim and Gronau. 

Every two hours, the Amsterdam-Berlin Intercity continues from Bad Bentheim to Hengelo, from where you can continue to Enschede, as described above. 

There are also regional trains running from Münster and Dortmund to Enschede, via Gronau.

If you plan on traveling by train via Germany, be sure to check out the guide to the DB Event Ticket above!

🚌 By bus

Three bus lines serve the University of Twente: line 1, 8, and 9. 

Line 1 departs from Enschede station and stops at various locations on the University campus, including the gyms, at the ‘UT/Sportcentrum’ stop.

Lines 8 and 9 travel between Hengelo and Enschede stations, stopping in front of the University at the ‘UT/Kennispark’ stop. From there, it is a 10 minute walk to the gyms.

You can purchase bus tickets in the 9292 app, in addition, you can use your Mastercard, Visa, Maestro or Vpay card to pay on board.

👍 Hitchhiking

Hitchhiking to Spring Agora Enschede is fairly easy. Even though hitch hiking or (auto stop) through this part of Europe is not so common anymore it works very well, and can sometimes be quicker than public transport! Enschede is easy to reach within one day from western Poland, Germany, Northern Austria, Luxembourg, Northern France and Belgium.

Note: It is not allowed in the Netherlands to be walking or standing on the highway. Always find a ride at a gas station. Besides that it is allowed it is usually far more easy to find a ride since you can walk up to the drivers and ask them personally.

When you go hitch-hiking there are some good websites that can help you further to determine the best route you can take:


A website with hitch hiking spots marked on a map throughout Europe. The spots are rated on experience: whether someone was able to get a ride easily, or not.

🏎️ Blablacar

Blablacar is a website that helps you look for carpooling opportunities, such as drivers, or drivers for passengers that are going toward the same direction. They have also started offering bus services! Orthodox hitchhikers will not that using this website is not proper hitchhiking as you will be asked to split the gasoline costs together with the driver. But of course, it will take you to where you want to be in a sustainable way!