Sources of Change: Twente🌿

Exploring the next Generation of Sustainability!

On 17 May 2023, the Sources of Change: Twente event will take place. A day filled with workshops and a business fair, aiming to connect students and researchers from different backgrounds and sustainable companies from the Twente region. To share knowledge and insights on green technology and sustainability.

Sources of change: Twente

Morning Workshops


Maartje Zaal


Co-creating sustainable universities, what steps can you take? @ Waaier 1
In AEGEE, we meet people from many different countries and study-disciplines. Also, we are open minded and learn by doing, via non-formal education and by developing great projects and organizing great events. These are all excellent experiences and skills that will help any team to have an actual impact. What if you could use those skills to have a positive impact on the sustainability of your university? A Green Office is a team of students and staffmembers, that is embedded in a university. They work together to integrate sustainability in all aspects of the university. In this workshop we will learn how to set up a Green Office and how you, being part of an AEGEE-localm can create partnerships with Green Offices or other organizations to have more impact on your institutions ecological footprint.

Calvin Breakwell

Are electric cars really the future? @ Waaier 2
Discuss whether electric vehicles and other e-mobility is really the future and find out more about the change needed and about the modal shift required to combat climate change.


Workshop slot 3

@ Waaier 3
More details will be coming soon!

AEGEE & Twente Fair


Connect with one of the companies during the AEGEE & Twente fair, or discover what skills you can develop in the European Network of AEGEE-Europe!

ESA lecture


Christophe Lasseur

Head of the MELiSSA Space Research Program

Earth to space, space for earth @ Waaier 1
Long duration crewed space exploration poses significant resources challenges (e.g. water, food, oxygen) and requires very efficient Environmental Control and Life Support System (ECLSS) technologies. The ECLSS of the current International Space Station spaceflight relies heavily on terrestrial resupply. However, this approach is not suitable for future missions which theoretically impose the transport of considerably high amounts of resources not compatible with capacities of current launcher. The use of Regenerative Life Support (RLS) technologies has been proposed as a promising solution to tackle this challenge. Inspired by the Earth ecosystem, the Micro-Ecological Life Support System Alternative (MELiSSA) is the European project of closed life support system . MELiSSA has been developed for more than 30 years, over 14 European countries, and has already led to noteworthy achievements both in space (e.g. ARTEMISS, Nitrimel) and on the ground (e.g. the MELiSSA Pilot Plant, Antarctic Concordia Station, Roland Garros tournament). These achievements are now used to cope with some terrestrial challenges ( e.g. environment, building, maritime) and a very good demonstration of the dual research Earth-Space

Afternoon Workshops


Jake Asmah

Sustainability Committee of AEGEE-Europe

Climate change, Transportation, and You! @ Waaier 1
Do you want to learn about how you affect global emissions and what you can do about it? Sustainability Committee presents our Workshop, Climate change, Transportation, and You! Where we will engage you with interactive teaching methods to understand personal environmental impact.

Ankit Mazumdar

Climate Emergency Working Group

Climate Justice @ Waaier 2
Climate justice is about ensuring that everyone, regardless of race, gender, or socioeconomic status, has the right to a safe and healthy environment. It is also about addressing the unequal impacts of climate change on vulnerable communities and ensuring that those who are most impacted by climate change have a say in how we address it. The following workshop addresses to encompass the different aspects of these challenging issues related to climate justice and instigate the broader thoughts of its impacts and actions to the audience.


Workshop slot 3

@ Waaier 3
More details will be coming soon!


Travelling to the agora

The biggest impact of an event is travel. Try to travel by train or bus to Enschede. See the SC guide for more information on sustainable travel options and compensating your emissions. When travelling in Enschede, walk or take the bus instead of a taxi to reduce your emissions.

Promotional materials

Keeping promotional materials to a minimum contributes to a sustainability conscious event and reduces needless waste. Consider using reusable materials and think twice if you really need physical materials.

Stickers often end up in the trash, which is unfortunate and not their purpose. It is not allowed to put banners, stickers or transfers on the walls, ceilings, floors, furniture or audio-visual material (except in places authorised for that purpose).

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