While many borders in Europe are nowadays a thing of the past, sadly this does not hold true for all countries yet. When traveling from certain countries to the Netherlands a Schengen visa is required. A visa is a document that allows you to enter a certain country or in this case the Schengen Area. This page contains information about the procedure we will apply for participants that are in need of such a visa.

Applying for a visa is your own responsibility, we will support your application in any way we can, but in the end the responsibility is yours. If you are in need of a visa make sure to carefully read this full page and stay in contact with us throughout the application process.

Visa Application Timeline

Pre Agora application period:
We will prepare the visa process.

Agora applications are opened: (February 27th)
We continue preparations, you should check if you are in need of a visa (step 1).

Agora applications are closed: (end of March)
Now is the time the visa procedure really starts, step 2 through 7 will commence as outlined below.

The Agora starts: (May 23)
You should have your visa by now 🙂

Visa Application Procedure

To apply for a visa you need to fill in an application form and bring this form along with possible other documents (identification) to a Dutch embassy. We will send you a personal invitation letter to accompany this application and increase the success rate. Applying for such a visa in most cases requires being physically present at the embassy at one point, to verify your identity. After you have done this you will get the result and know whether you can enter the Netherlands or not. Further official information can be found here.

A Schengen visa is required for any country outside the Schengen zone that is also not part of the European Union (some EU candidate countries are also free of visa). Regardless of this rule, the best thing to do if you are not sure is to check your country yourself.

Here you can find a list of countries that are in need of a visa. Countries under section A in this document are required to have a visa. Since this is an official Dutch government link, information found here precedes any possible contradicting information found elsewhere. Do note that countries within the Schengen Area are completely absent from this list, these countries do not require a Schengen Visa as inhabitants of these countries are already inhabitants of the Schengen Area. A list of the Schengen Area countries can be found here.

When having checked and found out that you are in need of a visa, it is wise to already have a look at the list of embassies that are responsible for your country. You can find a list of dutch embassies responsible for each country here.

When signing up at intranet you can select that you are in need of a visa, this is the first step on letting us know!

When you require a visa you are eligible for a small reduction of the Agora fee, this is a small compensation for the extra effort required on your side to get the visa. So make sure to select this payment option.

Apart from that, an email will be sent out to participants to check who is in need of a visa. More information on this will follow.

We get all the personal data we need from zeus, where you filled in your Agora application. This way you do not have to fill in an additional survey!

You will receive a personal visa invitation letter sometime after you have been accepted for the Agora, you will have an opportunity to check if all the information is correct. If it is correct we will send you the official and final invitation letter to be used in your visa application, this might require being a physical letter.

Aside from the information we need from you and the invitation letter we will send you, you are also required to fill in the official Schengen visa application form. This form can be found here. Mostly you should be able to fill in everything yourself, if you have any questions be sure to ask us, there will be an info mail about this as well.

Once you have everything ready, both from our side as well as from your own side, it is time to apply! To do so you will (in most cases) have to physically travel to your embassy and hand in all the documents. Depending on the embassy some further procedures might apply.

If you have carefully followed our instructions you should now have done anything initially needed, it is time to wait. Sometimes clarification on certain parts might be required or other inconveniencies might occur. If such a thing happens, make sure to contact us right away as we might be able to assist you with this. When everything goes well you will receive your Schengen visa and you are welcome to the Netherlands!